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Coexprocafe is located in North-West Antioquia with around 100 dedicated members producing coffees at an altitude of 1700-1900 meters above sea level. Around 70% is harvested during the main crop between October and January and 30% during the so-called “Mitica” – Colombia’s fly crop in between April and June. This cooperative is situated in a very secluded region far from any big town, which went through very violent and difficult years during the 1990s. Many families had to abandon their land to save their lives and keep their children away from the hands of the drug smuggling Farc guerrilla. Around 2003-2005 they returned and continued their historical coffee-growing tradition, allowing for production in the region to recover and living conditions to improve substantially.


Brewing Instruction-

Take 10g (1 scoop) of Perfetto Colombia Coexprocafe Excelso Roasted Coffee. Pour 150-200ml of water over it and let it brew for 5-10 min. Then filter the brew through a fine sieve. Add sweeteners by your preference. Your favourite coffee is ready, Stir and enjoy. Additionally, serve with marshmallows or whipped cream. Can be used to make cold coffee

  • Region: Coexprocafe 
  • Grade: Excelso e.p.
  • Botanical Species: Arabica
  • Screen Size: 15+
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Altitude: 1700-1900 meters above sea level
  • Roast Degree: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Citrus



  • 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans
  • Our Coffee beans are carefully handpicked from the estate in Fazenda Santa Barbara, Brazil; (own plantations) growing naturally, free from pesticides and other chemical impurities. Condition: Fresh Quality, Supreme Moisture Level.
  • Premium quality of coffee beans: Perfetto roasted beans are fresh coffee beans from the finest Graded coffee. 
  •  We start roasting only after the order confirmation (Small Batch) and immediately packed and shipped to your door. So, you will get extremely fresh coffee always.!
  • The coffee is packed in a premium ziplock and airtight pouch for sustainability and to retain the moisture and aroma.
  • Medium roast coffee is a brown colour and rarely has an oily surface. These coffees have medium acidity and body, as well as a rounded flavour profile. Roasting to this level also preserves many of the unique flavours of the coffee’s origin. These coffees are balanced, well rounded, and are slightly darker and sweeter.

Anwesha Bose


I love this perfetto coffee. It is strong with a wonderful aroma and taste. It makes an excellent cup using a bean to cup coffee maker. Definitely the best one to date.

Samriddhi Goenka


Colombia Coexprocafe Excelso Roasted Coffee Bean is so good. Bought this as a gift for my husband. He’s a coffee lover and he loved this one. Beans are evenly roasted. And has a nice aroma and flavour too.

Ayushi Jindal


I have been trying different coffee beans. But this Perfetto one was quite addictive. I started using this last month and not a single day when I have not made a cup for myself. Simply the best when paired with an AeroPress.

Arun Mandal


It is like a dark burned roast. The aroma is good but you will have a burnt taste all over your mouth.

Prateek Ahuja


I have tried so many brands. But I have failed to extract great shots. Then I found Perfetto coffee. I am very much satisfied with the quality. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now. It produces great crema shots.

Ria Bothra


The Colombia Coexprocafe Excelso Roasted Coffee Beans are crisp and evenly roasted. It is perfect for any espresso machine. I’ll be sticking to this one for long. Thank you Perfetto for these great quality beans.

Binita Agarwal


Nice, fresh coffee beans. Evenly roasted. Everything is well balanced. It is fresh and the aroma is beautiful. The caffeine level is also good. Good perfetto beans.

Avinash Gupta


I don't generally review products. But this one was so good, that it deserves to get tasted. For all you coffee lovers. These beans are roasted evenly. Perfect and smooth flavour. Highly recommended Colombia Coexprocafe Excelso Roasted Coffee Bean.

Anil Shah


There are many coffee beans in this price range. But none offers coffee beans of different origins like Perfetto. Perfect espresso for my taste buds. After going through a lot of coffee beans this one suited me the most. Perfect for everything.

Shruti Goyal


Packaging is good. The coffee beans are produced in Colombia Coexprocafe and taste smooth and creamy. Why pay so much to other companies when this Perfetto brand can bring different origin coffees to us. Highly recommended.