Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara Roast And Ground Coffee

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Fazenda Santa Barbara is a family-owned farm in the third generation. It is located in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira and Alta Mogiana which is renowned for its variety of coffee with great quality potential.


           Brewing Instruction

  • Take 10g (1 scoop) of Perfetto Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara  Roast & Ground coffee
  • Pour 150-200ml of water over it and let it brew for 5-10 min. Then filter the brew through a fine sieve.
  • Add honey or jaggery according to your taste preference.
  • Your favourite coffee is ready, Stir and enjoy

The altitude of up to 1.300 Meters above sea level provides the perfect climate for rich flavour and aroma. The flavouring and ripening processes slowly increase the complexity of the coffees.

  • Region: Fazenda Santa Barbara
  • Grade: Yellow Bourbon
  • Botanical Species: Arabica 
  • Screen Size: 17/18
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Altitude: 1300 Meters above sea level
  • Roast Degree: Medium
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet flavor, very pronounced citric acidity flavour

Aditi Nayar


Just add hot water or milk, sieve it and the most delicious coffee is ready to be enjoyed, I never tried this grade before so was completely overwhelmed.

Radhika Gupta


Love the taste of filter coffee, went well with milk and hot water. I love it with milk

Md Sohel


great taste and packaging, worth the price

Vijay Dev


the medium roast was perfect with the rich fragrance which won my heart, the coffee was equally good in taste.

Dev Khanna


This Perfetto coffee has a rich flavour and taste. I have tried it as a black coffee and with milk. Both tastes fine. Highly recommended.

Sanskriti Shah


I am fond of filter coffee. And I have been looking for a nice filter coffee itself. This has the perfect taste and blend. Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara Roast And Ground Coffee have a unique taste. I am thinking of trying other origins as well.

Sinjini Chakraborty


The Perfetto coffee is promising for an Arabica. It's 100% Arabica. The taste and aroma is just right the way I want and there's a beautiful richness and warmth to this coffee.

Manish Dadlaney


When I ordered my French press, I bought Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara Roast And Ground Coffee along with it. It seems they are a match made in heaven. I ordered a few other brands too but Perfetto coffee has amazing taste and has a rich aroma. It has a sweet citrusy undertone.

Rimi Gupta


Being a big filter coffee fan there is always a consistent search for the "best" coffee all the time I thought of giving this one a try. But it didn't work for me. It's too strong. I like Perfetto’s flavoured coffee but not this.

Koel Tiwari


This Perfetto coffee is 100% arabica. Came with beautiful packaging. I like the taste and aroma of this coffee. Goes well with my almond milk.

Shikha Mahawar


I use Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara Roast And Ground Coffee with my Moka Pot. Loved the taste and aroma after. Even the ground coffee has an amazing flavour. If you open the packet you can smell all the richness this coffee has. I will try other as well. Keep it up.

Sheetal Suri


I am an espresso fan. I want it at least thrice a day. But this Perfetto coffee is making me more addicted to espresso. The smell and taste are amazing. You can have cups of coffee without even feeling dizzy.

Mann Jajodia


If you're a coffee-lover buy this Brazil Fazenda Santa Barbara Roast And Ground Coffee without event thinking twice, you will not regret it. The coffee has citrusy notes and has a sweet and beautiful aroma. I even asked my relatives to buy this one. Best buy of the month.

Akshat Lahiri


Perfect-to coffee for real. Fan of this coffee brand. Have tried other coffees as well. Never disappoints. Pair it with your French press and have the best experience at home. Felt like I am on the coffee farm. Too good.